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Hailing from Orlando Florida, this classic metal quartet is seeped with the influences of such metal legends as Iron Maiden,and Judas Priest Formed in 2006 by guitarist Jerre Hill, and vocalist Buddy Zappa, these 2 metal rock veterans set out to write and record the music that touched their soul as far back as the early 80’s. The band recruited long time friend Jerome Jowais for the drum tracks and Jerome’s old band mate SLY for the bass track chores. Now poised to attain world wide recognition with a full length CD Released on November 18 2010, The Atomic Playground message to the world is a warning to all walks of society. That war is not the answer, and certainly not atomic bombs. We must take what we’ve learned from the past and use it to our advantage, and seek not to destroy ourselves over petty differences, or greed. ATOMIC PLAYGROUND is a Warning to the powers of the world to tear down their arms and weapons of mass destruction!!!